Mobile phone recycling and reuse

Zextons is a pioneer in mobile phone recycling and reuse. Back in 2007 when we first started we were one of the first to reveal the true worth of forgotten old phones lying around in homes across the country.

Now, millions of people in the UK understand the real value that their old devices might have, which could be more than you expected! Any device we receive can be reused and refurbished, and you can have peace of mind knowing that anything we can't use will be recycled with sustainable and eco friendly practices to ensure there is minimal impact on the environment.

Did you know?

  • Over 20 million handsets will be upgraded in the UK this year.
  • The average UK household is (STILL!) home to 4 or more unused mobile phones. That's over 20 million unused phones nationwide.
  • Your mobile loses its value by approximately £5 per month. This means as a nation, we could be losing out on up to £3 billion per year by not doing anything with our old phones!

What will happen to your phone?

Once we receive your device, our talented specialists will test and evaluate it to a professional standard, and send you payment the very same day!

The devices we purchase then go through our treatment facility where they are screened and prepared for reuse. We then categorise the device according to its manufacturer, model and condition, and distribute them to one of our trusted reuse partners.

The device will then be given a fresh lease of life. For some that means nothing more than a little cleaning and maintenance, and for others it may be an extensive repair and refurbishment. We pride ourselves on quality assurance, so majority of our devices will be in the same condition they were when they came from the manufacturer.

Where will your phone go?

90% of the devices we receive will stay in the country as demand for secondhand devices continues to grow in the UK, where a majority o our trusted reuse partners are situated. This could be electronics retailers, repair centres and insurance companies that you might already be familiar with!

The other 10% are distributed to various overseas markets where there is the most demand for them. This includes developing countries where a device could help their quality of life, or counties facing crisis where their ability to communicate is crucial.

We search globally for the market with he highest demand for all our devices, all so we can offer you the best price for any make and model you send us, so you can be assured that we'll find the very best value for your device.

So who wins in the end?

We all do! We ensure that everybody benefits from our services, especially you! You receive the best value for your device, and have peace of mind knowing you entrusted it to a business that will put it to good use! That means we can readily offer your device to somebody here in the UK, or to somebody overseas who's quality of life would benefit. And by following sustainable recycling practices and minimising electronic waste of old phones, we're also helping the environment.

See how much your phone is worth…